Frequently Asked Questions

We want your vacation to be amazing. If there is some information that we did not cover in these FAQs, please let us know so we can add it to our website.

Q: Is smoking allowed?
A: Absolutely no smoking is allowed inside the condo. We also do not want any guests smoking on our balconies as the smoke bothers guests in condos above us.  Smoking is permitted in front of condo building. 

Q: What amenities are included?
A: The condos are stocked with almost everything you will need during your stay. If there is something specific you are wondering about, please contact us.

Q: When is payment due?
A: The initial payment of 50% of the rental plus tax is due within 1 week of the making the reservation. The remaining balance is due 45 days prior to arrival. If payment is not received by the due date it may result in cancellation of reservation.

Q: What is your cancellation policy?
A: Payments are refundable if we can rebook the condo for the same rate and same dates. If an emergency occurs and you must cancel please contact us immediately and we will make every effort to rebook the condo.

Q: Should I get trip cancellation insurance?
A: We recommend purchasing trip cancellation insurance so you are protected against unforeseen circumstances. Some companies you might consider are:

You may also want to consult your own insurance company to determine if you have any travel coverage.

Q: Who can rent your property?
A: We rent to families and couples seeking a quiet and relaxing vacation. We reserve the right to cancel or terminate a reservation or stay for any guest who is disruptive to others in the building or destructive to property.

Q: What if there is a loss or theft during our stay?
A: A safe is provided for guests to secure jewelry, cash, and other smaller item valuables. Guests are responsible for securing and locking the condo anytime you are not inside the unit.

Q: What if I cause damage to the condo.
A: If there is excessive cleaning or repair that is necessary you will be charged for the additional cleaning or repair/replacement of damaged items.

Q: Can we have more than the advertised occupancy in the condo or common areas?
A: Extra guests beyond the number identified at the time of reservation are not allowed as overnight guests or in common areas of the building such as the pool or grounds. A short visit by a small number of additional friends for a visit or meal inside the condo is allowed, but use of the pool and common area grounds are limited to the guests identified at time of reservation only and is strictly enforced by the condo manager.

Q: What if there is a hurricane that disrupts our trip?
A: If you have a reservation and are unable to travel because of airport closings in Cozumel we will credit you 100% and you can reschedule in the future towards another reservation.

Q: Is there a lifeguard on duty?
A: There is no lifeguard on duty at the pool so you are responsible for the safety of your children in the pool and ocean. There may be ocean currents at times that vary in severity. When snorkeling we suggest starting your swim against the current which will make the swim back to the condo much more enjoyable.

Q: What if we have a dispute or injury?
A: Owners are not liable for damages resulting in injury to any person in connection with this rental or while on their property. Guests agree to indemnify and hold harmless agent and/or owners from any liability or obligation resulting from any injuries, illness or damages. By making your first payment you are agreeing to all the information provided in this Frequently Asked Questions section.

Q: What is best transportation to use from the airport to the condo?
A: Taxi’s are prohibited from making pick-ups at the airport. However, they can drop you off for your departure. An airport van is the only authorized transport from the airport. The cost for the airport van is approximately $10 per person and a van will drive you and your party to the condo. This is not a charge levied by us. It is one that your party will pay at the ticket window at the airport.

Q: Can I rent a car at the airport?
A: Yes, several car rental companies have an office at the Cozumel Airport. Some companies have off sight locations for pick up. It is recommended that you reserve the car prior to your arrival. It is important to check if the pick up location is on sight at the airport of off sight as off sight rental requires transportation to the office.

Q: Is there taxi service at the condo?
A: Yes, taxis drive by the condos frequently. The fare to town is approximately $4. The number for the taxi service is in the information binder in the condo.

Q: When is check in and check out?
A: Your check in time is 3:00 pm on your arrival day. Check out time on the day of your departure is 10:00 am.

Q: Do I need to bring my own snorkel or scuba diving gear?
A: We do provide snorkel gear. If you are particular about your mask or fin sizes, you may want to bring your own gear. We typically have two sets at the condo but cannot guarantee their condition as it is up to the guests who have stayed in the condo prior to you to keep them rinsed and stored properly. We do not provide scuba diving equipment. Both condos have tanks to rinse scuba and snorkel equipment.

Q: Can I be picked up at the condo platform by my diving company?
A: No, dive boats cannot pick you up at Miramar or Cantamar. We are very close to many dive companies such as Aldora Divers and Pepe Scuba at The Coral Princess.

Q: Is the water safe to drink in Cozumel?
A: Bottled water is provided in the condos. We do not recommend that you drink water out of the tap. All fruits and vegetables should be rinsed with the bottled water prior to eating.

Q: Is there a place to buy groceries close to the condo?
A: There are several grocery stores close to the condos. Sedona is the closest grocery store and is within walking distance from the condos. Is located on the corner of the main road into downtown and the airport road. Sedona does not have fresh meat, vegetables, or fruit. We recommend Chedraui or Mega, which are located close to downtown for all of your grocery needs. Any taxi driver would you be able to take you to any of these locations.

Q: Is there someone we can work with to book activities on the island?
A: Laura will be touching base with you when you arrive at the condo. She can help you plan out your activities. If you would like to connect with her, her contact information is available in the information binder in the condo or you can contact us before your trip and we will put you in contact with her.

Q: Are cleaning services provided in the condo?
A: We offer cleaning services during stay. Your condo cleaning schedule will be sent in your final confirmation letter. It is customary to tip the maid when you leave. Tipping recommendations are in the condo information binder.

Q: Where will the key to the condo be located?
A: This information will be available when we send you your final confirmation letter.

Q: Are there ATM machines on the island to get cash?
A: There are several ATM machines on the island. We recommend that you use one that is located at a bank location. The fees to get cash depend on the Mexican bank fees as well as your own bank fees.